Reader discretion is advised. Some of the below content may be considered graphic in nature.

There could be a critter up there but the ceilings are so high, I will never be sure. The thin mattress on a concrete floor provides a healthy balance of firm support and soft comfort, which is more than can be said for the rising heat of the day and the sweltering heat now flowing through my head. It might be day four in the Moroccan Desert, my new home, but my nosebleed count has far surpassed that number. In fact, it has quite possibly more than doubled that figure.

The air just hangs hot and dry. I experienced this no better than when I was doing laundry. We do a lot of things in English; “let’s do lunch,” “what will we do this afternoon?” or, “I intend to do the laundry.” In Arabic, there is a special name for doing laundry. So I didn’t do laundry so much as I soaped the clothes specifically to clean them. Something like that. Anyhow, just as I had finished hanging the last article of clothing on the line, I circled back around the same clothesline to remove the now dry clothes. Because they were already nashf, of course. I will be living in this hot and dry Moroccan Sahara for the next two (2) years (insert obligatory insha’llah).

I’m far from anything moist because I live in the desert. Far from any body of water, like the ocean, where there is moisture. Because there is water there.

As many unfortunate observers can attest to, I am quite prone to a healthy bloody nose. Healthy in the amount of blood my nose can produce in one sitting. But, I do walk around with a decently sized nose. So if it was possible for me to suffer from the occasional nose bleed in the cool, temperate air of Oregon, I am going to have to settle in to a regular routine of nose dabbing and blood dripping.

So here I am, on my back, contemplating my new reality. The heat of the air only matched by the heat of the blood flowing freely from my nose. There are many a technique that I have tried over the years (both tested and disputed), and, given the spirit of Morocco and the particular tempo of the desert life, I am determined to acclimate. Nose plugged and completely relaxed, this will soon pass and I will continue my uninterrupted day, because this is simply my regular routine.

BssHa u raHa. To health and rest…

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