Space Camp

It has been two weeks since we first arrived to our new home in the Moroccan Sahara.  We hit the ground running by supporting a Space Camp at our youth center that was organized by our amazing site mate, Rebecca.  She had a total of six extra Peace Corps Volunteers in town to help with the weeklong camp in addition to the five of us who were already here, plus our Moroccan counterparts.  Let’s just say, it was well-staffed.  There were planet walks, egg drops, trust falls, language lessons, obstacle courses, team competitions, a visit to the oasis, plenty of new Arabic vocabulary, and of course, lots of song, dance, and music.  Youth spent the week learning about all things spacey, and it culminated with an overnight at our Dar Chebab spent spying Jupiter, Mars, and the moon with telescopes.  Had you passed by at around 2:00am, you’d have seen 30 or so youth laying flat on their backs on a basketball court where the edge of our town meets the Sahara desert.  A few would have had an arm outstretched, pointing out the constellations overhead in the massive desert sky.27122  25  8 9 10  12   14     4 5611



713  15 2324  16 19  172021 18226


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