Musings on a New Project

I am undertaking a project that will measure the days in toy blocks, whose value will—one day—be measured in salt. Or sand. Or just the blocks from which they were built. The aim of this daily interaction with a camera and a child’s play thing is to encourage more engagement (and share that engagement) within my daily activities and routines. My project follows in the footsteps of similar projects creatively capturing the joy of childhood memories as well as others bringing attention to the art of the everyday. Therefore, this personal journey is more about the process than the product.

As a self-diagnosed L – – –® Maniac—or a building block enthusiast—I want to respect my medium and the far-better L – – –® block maestros who build and create. So in an effort to avoid any legal or copyright infringements in skirting the name or likeness of L – – –® (save for the quintessential block silhouette included in each photo), I have had to come up with an alternate title that speaks to the project but also one that alleviates any concern of receiving an unwanted phone call from corporate L – – –®. Wanted phone calls are, however, welcome. Such as employment opportunities. (Inquiries can be forwarded to my included details.) I have therefore deduced a name that is one part clever and two parts awful. It has a particularly charming ring careless clunk about it. While my folder full of photos currently reads “L – – – Through London,” this portion, complete with daily logs packed full of photojournalism, will be known as “Chip of the ol’ Block.”

Ladies and gentlemen, I happily present to you, “Chip of the ol’ Block.”


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